Space and Solar System Encyclopedia ? All About Trivia Questions and Answers

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Reading Age: 9-11 Years | Print Length: 64 Pages | Language: English | Dimensions: 28 X 22 X 0.5 cm | Binding: Paperback | Publisher: Dreamland Publications

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How hot is the Sun? Why is Mars called the red planet? Does Neptune have seasons? Do all planets have moons? Find answers to these questions and a lot of others in ?All About Space and Solar System Encyclopedia?. Packed with interesting information, this marvellous book brings the world of space and the solar system to life in young minds.. ? Kid-friendly content

? Expressive images

? Clear-cut information
Designed and compiled by experts, this book will educate and illuminate young readers as they get answers to all the questions they wanted to know. It is a useful resource for curious learners to find more about their world.

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