Fully Pictorial Thesaurus


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Reading Age: 12-15 Years | Print Length: 352 Pages | Language: English | Dimensions: 35 X 25 X 1 cm | Binding: Hardbound | Publisher: Dreamland Publications

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A thesaurus is a book of selected words or concepts grouped together according to the similarity of meaning. ?Fully Pictorial Thesaurus? is compiled for children to help them learn and develop their vocabulary. Each word with its pictorial representation makes it easier for children to understand the words? meanings.. ? Beautiful pictures

? Plenty of synonyms

? Clear-cut meaning explanation

? Grammar reference

? Usage of words in sentences

? Opposite words to make the meaning more clear

? Colourful presentation

? Cute cover
This book not only tells children the meaning of each word but also provides plenty of alternate synonyms. It will help them enhance their language skills. It is an ideal resource for all students.


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