Easy Science Experiments


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Reading Age: 9-11 Years | Print Length: 96 Pages | Language: English | Dimensions: 28 X 22 X 0.7 cm | Binding: Paperback | Publisher: Dreamland Publications

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Science is a fascinating subject and experiments are an integral part of this subject to provide answers to what happens around us. Experience the magic of science with ?Easy Science Experiments Book?. From making glowing water to finding out why oranges float in water to why oil and water do not mix to turning the flow of water, this book will allow kids to make their scientific discoveries.. ? Step-by-step instructions

? Clear-cut illustrations

? Easy-to-understand explanation

? Colourful presentation

? Imparts lessons related to scientific laws
This book is sure to be helpful to science enthusiasts and general readers to learn scientific skills, formulate a hypothesis, analyse the data and draw conclusions. A compliment to the academic syllabus, this book will help kids learn their science lessons in an interesting manner.


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