Complete English Grammar


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Reading Age: 12-15 Years | Print Length: 192 Pages | Language: English | Dimensions: 28 X 22 X 1 cm | Binding: Paperback | Publisher: Dreamland Publications

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?Complete English Grammar? ? a book to help students understand the fundamental rules of English Grammar is ideal for developing language skills. Divided into three sections, this book includes lessons on essential grammar topics, language skills, and enriching the language.. ? Ideal for middle school students

? Clear explanations, examples, and a variety of exercises

? Cute cover design

? Colourful presentation
Plenty of examples, followed by explanations, and practice exercises, each lesson of this book aims to provide students a firm grasp of language, its usage, and reinforce their understanding of the grammatically correct presentation. With the use of colourful illustrations supporting children?s basic understanding of English Grammar, this book is an ideal supplement to what students learn in school.


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